Wardrobe check October 18th

18th of October 2016

Today I did a wardrobeย check at my friend Rachels. I organized her closet from dark- to light colors. In the meantime I asked her what her favorite item was, a black leather skirt from Zara. Also I asked what a waste of money was for her, sometimes she buys stuff that are too short.















So, I grabbed the skirt and Rachel showed me how she mostly wears it. With that information I made more and more combinations with the skirt. From a party outfit, to a casual outfit, to evening wear. Now she can wear her favorite item even more.

















She told me sometimes she buys the wrong clothes, because at the end they don’t fit well. I explained her why some items seem to be short, and how you can change that. For example: when you put on ankle jeans, it looks like your legs are shorter. In fact, thats not the truth of course. But it’s such a waste of your money not to wear it. Try on Happy Socks and pull them up. Or put on a long trench coat.

But some items were really too short after all, then it’s just a matter to look closely if the items fits well. And when it doesn’t fits perfectly, don’t buy it.


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