Get Inspired: House of Sunny

House of Sunny is an amazing independent online womenswear brand created in 2011 by Sunny Williams. The main focus of the brand is staple dressing: timeless, classic items.  House of Sunny is now launching their eight collection. With retailers all over the world like Asos and Zalando the brand keeps growing brand awareness.

Instagram is one of the most important social-media channel for House of Sunny. Much people know House of Sunny from their Instagram posts. Now, they create special Instagram-accounts for one item only. Also with the use of Pinterest HOS shares the designs and how to style it on different ways.

The base of the designs are quite simple but to add different shapes and lines to the items it get’s personal. Sunny Williams get’s his inspiration from 60’s movies from Jean-Luc Goddard. The colors he uses mostly are 60’s mod, deep black and clean white. The clothes are very aesthetic and often worn by stylistes, photographers and art directors.

House of Sunny sure moves me. I like different and being original. This brand helps me to express myself in the way I want.


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