Selena Gomez and floral wallpapers

I’ve never seen Selena so real and pure. In her new music video ‘Bad Liar’ nothing is hidden and she shows her real self. After the booming Netflix serie 13 Reasons Why, this is another subject that shows the real world.

The video gives me ’90 feelings: a natural woman in vintage lingerie in a simple but messy, not completed, bedroom with floral wallpaper. She sings about a boy she can’t forget but the video speaks more to me.

In the whole clip her hands are tied to each other and in some scenes a hospital wristband is shown. Some people associate it with her illness Lupus and her time at clinic to be treated forΒ her depression. I think I agree with that. You can see that she is struggling with herself because of the tied hands and that she had a rough time last year. With her natural, kinda messy, look it get’s so real that it’s almost like she really is in a clinic. She’s not afraid to show how she looked while she was down and I support that. Everybody has been sick sometimes and when you are, you don’t feel and look good. In Selena’s world everybody needs to be ‘perfect’ and I really love the way she shows herself right now as a normal person like everyone else.

Watch the video right here on Spotify.




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