The inspiration of Therese Sennerholt

Therese Sennerholt is a based in Stockholm art director, graphic designer and creative consultant. You might have seen some work of her on Pinterest or Instagram. In this blog I’ll share some work of Therese with you that inspires me.

We begin with two of my faves. I love the way she uses different shapes and still make them look together as one. The basic colors like white, black and grey create calmness in your home and with the touch of brown it will look unique and not like the rest. The white border around the art piece creates a statement in your interior.

20163-59-05PM_de968c84-f563-43fc-a184-ac122318f6f120163-07-46PM_3917a0eb-800a-442a-8d07-d57f163a460a 20169-34-03AM_6e657dad-9af0-4fba-b3af-2b922db95dd0

These two art pieces got some more colors in it. The first one is my least fave one because I think the colors are too much (green is not my color too) together with the dots. Even though I like the full shape of the circle and the halve shapes in contrast with straight lines. The colors of the last one speak the most to me. It makes me feel a little vintage with those old pink and purple colors. Besides that I think that the flow of shapes and the way they touch each other is really good.

20169-47-09PM_5adbb851-5a0a-48b8-b436-a52fd2fdc277 20163-59-40PM_08b615c9-9a1c-4e50-8390-7a0cff2b21d7

I always get a lots of inspiration from Therese’s art works but she also helps brands and compagnies to create and develop a strong vision and graphic identity. I think that’s so cool because nowadays you really need to create a good branding story behind your brand.

For more info about her collabs, go to her website.

Therese Sennerholt is an art director, graphic designer and creative consultant.
She specializes in advertising, editorial and branding assignments, working with everything
from concept through to execution for small or large scale companies on project basis.
The goal is the help brands create and develop a strong sustainable visual and graphic identity.
Her passions are design, typography, interior, photography, fashion and art.

Therese is also the head designer for her own brand for which she creates
fine art prints that are sold worldwide. Dark Edition is her eight collection of prints.
This time she has created a graphic collection with a 70’s look in saturated tones.

The collection is offset printed on sustainable paper in a small
limited edition of 20, 50 and 100. All motifs are signed and numbered.



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