The new photography trend

Photography keeps refreshing and refreshing. Not only in the high quality or technique ways, but in a lot other ways too. Photography is nowadays really connected with everything that surrounds us. It’s connected to fashion, interior, family, holidays, work, etcetera. And within all those sectors, there are a lot of different ways to take your photo’s.

A couple years ago editorial styling wasn’t a thing. Today, out of every fashion related concept arises an editorial photoshoot. Not only in magazines like Vogue or Elle you can find editorial styling but every stylist works with it.

Other than portret photography, editorial shoots are really about the clothes that the models are wearing. Also the clothes need to fit in the environment the photo’s are taken. And the stylist needs to make sure that the make-up and hair fit perfectly.


Now I wanted to talk about a new thing photographers are using in fashion editorial shoots: a mirror. Reflection is everything. To use a basic mirror the photo get’s really mysterious and artistic.


I don’t know how the trend has become so huge. But I think it’s really cool. Like this you can have different point of views in one picture.

I hope you liked this blog and I hope you’re inspired.

With love,



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