The way Instagram gets more and more serious

Your Instagram is probably a little virtual holiness for you. Not just only for you, but for us all. It seems like nothing is more important than our social media accounts, with the highlight on Instagram of course. And I can give you no wrong (sadly?). We want to express ourselves in as many ways as possible and in the best way that’s possible. It’s all a matter of first impressions. And from people’s social media accounts you can discover a lot information about their personality. Because people share their interests. 

So, expressions, first impressions, interests. Lots of things. I think we all own an Instagram account. But is your account more than only a couple of impersonal pictures? In the present, and with no doubt in the future there will be more and more people checking your social media accounts for job applies, college applications, and so on. And when people do that, they get an impression of you. Not only an impression but they (and they really do) define you. And there’s nothing you can stop about people defining other people.

So when people define you, you want them to be correct when they really get to know you. You want them to think positive about you. But how do you do that?

We all have our own lifestyles. Our own daily routine, to make breakfast or put our make up on, or even the way we tie our shoes. You can call it instinct maybe. And so we have our own way of sharing things via social media. Our own way to filter our Instagram photo’s, or don’t filter. And even the thing of filtering can tell something about you. Maybe you don’t filter you photo’s because you think it’s too much work, or maybe you believe that the pictures need to be posted in their natural state.

I want to express myself in my Instagram-posts as someone who can see things together and create something out of it. Someone who knows fashion, interior, photography and graphic/editorial design. The way I do that is to post daily inspirations with my selfmade photo’s (or photo’s from Pinterest) of all kind of things like fashion, interiors, nature, materials, etcetera. Beside the inspiration posts, I post pictures my styling work. I keep my feed clean to overflow the colors and shapes in my posts. Also the thing I like to do is to make different kind of lay-outs. To create borders and to put pictures together in one your feed get’s a whole other look.

And it’s your own job to find out in which way you want to express yourself. It needs a while to think about who you are and what the best way will be to express yourself, but when you’re there, it get’s easy and people will recognize you. Sometimes you have to exclude things, things that don’t fit with you. You don’t have to follow every trend or do things other people do. Get to know the things that fit with you, your style and your self-expression. Being unique is special these days.

Other people may define you, but the only person who really can is yourself. Stay close to yourself. Listen to yourself and just be you.


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