Is purple making her comeback?

According to Nina Ricci’s new spring/summer collection, yes, purple is making a comeback. Almost every outfit has accents of purple. And when you slide through the pictures you’ll wonder why purple ever has left the fashion industry.

Ricci’s collection is the perfect example to show the biggest 2016/2017 trends. The weirdest thing about this collection is that all upcoming trends are used, plus the color purple. Is designer Guillaume Henry trying to make a statement? Does he wants the color purple to be fashionable again? I think so.

Let me show you the trends I’m talking about.

  • The first trends are stripes. Stripes are as timeless as denim. In every season you can spot them somewhere. Like a lot of other designers does Guillaume Henry also use the stripes again in a lot of his work.
  • Another trend is the color brown. Henry uses them in collaboration with stripes. I really wasn’t a fan of this color earlier but now I totally love it. I always thought that the only natural colors were black and white. How boring is that? To add some (camel) brown you create a whole new atmosphere.
  • This season you see a lot of leopard print, which is quite funny because leopard print was always seen as uncommon and sexual but now it’s worn as chique. Leopard print can be used in a lot ways. Shoes, trench coats, purses and bags.
  • The next trend I wanna talk about is the transparant trend. Not only this season transparant was used but in a lot of other seasons from last year too. Gucci did use the thin material in her Spring 2016 collection just as Tommy Hilfiger and Chloé.
  • Everyone is known with the booming trend velvet. Velvet was never so populair as now. Everything can made out of velvet. Pants, tops, dresses, chokers and even shoes. I love this trend so much because the material is just so romantic and lovable.
  • Then following trend is sooo Christmas! Glitters everywhere! I couldn’t be more happier about this one. I always waited until Christmas to wear glitters but now you can wear it all day, everyday. It’s amazing.
  • And the last trend is called Japanese inspired. The fashion industry get inspired a lot from exotic countries just like Japan. They get inspired by their satin use, their perfectly embroider masterpieces, flowers, etcetera.

So, Nina Ricci’s new collection was the thing that really noticed me this weekend. I hope you liked what you read :). Enjoy your Sunday evening and good luck next week!




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